The light weight, big cooking, heavy duty, lifetime BARBECUE GRILL

Living in southern Louisiana all my life has taught me a few things, one of those being the rapid deterioration of anything that stays outdoors. My company, Cajun Craft Outdoor, is dedicated to providing outdoor products that will stand the test of time and environments like the, more often than not, difficult southern Louisiana weather.

Our barbecue pit has an exterior that is fabricated out of 1⁄8" aluminum. It has a 20"x 36" grill area with a hand operated adjustable coal tray and coal tray access door, all to help keep those coals cooking at just the right temperature. If thats not enough, I have also included a full size ash tray in the bottom of the grill box for quick and easy cleanup.

To give you an idea of the grill size, this pit will cook 18 chicken halves or (32) 1⁄4 lb. hamburger patties at a time. And the aluminum construction provides all of this at one third the weight of comparable pits without sacrificing thermal or cooking quality! Perfect for camping or tailgating!!
If you like real barbecue and you want a pit that will last a lifetime and can go anywhere you go, then this is truly the only pit for you!